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When you look to scrap or sell your van in Manchester you want to make sure you are going to a company who can be trusted to give you the best possible price and service. All our team are friendly individuals who are welcoming, and happy to help in every instance.

Scrapping a van may seem like a daunting process but it’s actually very simple and straight forward. Whether your van has failed it’s MOT, has been damaged in a crash, or is simply no longer financially viable to keep going, We make the experience of selling your van quicker, easier and stress-free.


Scrap my van Manchester is an authorised treatment facility (ATF) providing van and light commercial recycling services for the depollution of end of life vehicles (ELVs). ​



  • The best price possible for your end of life vehicle.

  • A fast friendly reliable collection service in Manchester.

  • A legal Certificate of Destruction.

  • UK approved authorised treatment facility (ATF Centre)

  • Licensed Motor Dealers

  • All the the official paperwork completed for DVLA.

  • Manchester's Leading Van and Light Commercial Buyer.

About Manchester

Manchester is the largest city in North West England and is seen by many as capital of the north of England. In the last two decades huge construction projects have transformed the landscape of the world’s first industrial city. Large developments include museums, cultural centres, luxury apartments and office space.

In 1914, Manchester was one of the biggest motor manufacturing cities in the world. Two decades later cars had become part of our everyday lives—but Manchester’s dominance had faded. By the start of the First World War, Manchester boasted a prosperous motor manufacturing industry with several important firms. These included Ford, who opened their first factory outside of the US at Trafford Park in 1914.

ford trafford park manchester-01.jpg

By the start of the Second World War, there were around 2 million motorcars and half a million vans and commercial vehicles on the roads of Britain. Yet in the year that war broke out, motorcars were no longer produced in Manchester Ford had decided moved south to a large site in Dagenham, Essex.